Ronald Tannebaum & Ken Pomerance
Founders, In The Rooms

Leonard Buschel & Ahbra Kaye

Randy Grimes
Founder Athletes in Recovery &
former pro football player
for Buccaneers

Dr. Billy Taylor
CEO, Get Back Up treatment &
former University of Michigan
3-time All-American, MVP

James Black
Actor, former pro football player
for Cleveland Browns

Thomas Hollywood Henderson
Former pro linebacker for
Cowboys, 49ers, Oilers, Dolphins

Jeff Jay
Author, co-founder Love First

Louise Stanger
Author, Recovery coach

Heather Hayes
Certified Hostage Negotiator
& licensed counselor

David Marion
Recovery Coach &
Motivational Speaker

Dr. Gabor Maté
Best-selling Author & Addiction Expert

Stevie Mack
Actor, Comedian, Friend

John Taylor
from Duran Duran

Paul Williams
from Tin Pan Alley

Ricky Byrd
2015 Rock Hall of Fame

Ester Nicholson
Recording Artist

John Solomon
from Communist Daughter

William Cope Moyers
Web Host

Tommy Rosen
Yoga master,
Founder: Recovery 2.0,
Online Conference

Susan Spangenberg
Artist, Filmmaker,
Actor, Writer

Issa Ibrahim
Artist, Filmmaker,
Author, Musician

Ritch Shydner
Comedian, Actor, Writer,
Freshwater fisherman

Laura Cathcart Robbins
Writer, Storyteller,
Podcast host: ‘The Only
One in The Room’


LeeLee Stranger
Artist, Filmmaker,
Actor, Writer


Brette Taylor
Actor, director,
singer, songwriter


Tim Ryan
Author/motivational speaker,
aka The Hope Dealer

Jennifer Gimenez
TED Talk speaker

Marc Malkin
Emmy-nominated journalist

Fabian Quezada-Malkin
Writer &
Hollywood hairstylist

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