Jewelle Sturm Memorial Scholarship Fund

jewelle200bluePurJewelle died from an accidental drug overdose on April 30, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Sturm was three weeks away from her 29th birthday. She was an original writer in the classic oral tradition of spontaneous prose and poetry. She was a natural healer and showed great compassion for those who also suffered from mental and emotional disorders.

It is in her honor that this Memorial Scholarship Fund was born. We will enroll several women per year into professional and effective rehabilitation programs.

This scholarship is made possible by contributions from Jewelle’s friends, family members and the yearly Experience, Strength, and Hope Award Charity Event.

The Jewelle Sturm Memorial Scholarship Fund provides free access to professional and effective rehabilitation programs for women so that other families may be spared the sadness of a lifetime.

Applications for scholarships are available upon request. Please call 818-762-0461. Applications are reviewed weekly by a committee of experienced mental health and substance abuse professionals.

Client Application

Contributors of $100 or more receive a DVD of the new documentary, BILL W.

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Bill W. Official Trailer

“Most alcoholics and drug addicts usually end up in prison, crippled or dead.”
—Hunter S. Thompson

“Alcohol and drug addictions are fatal diseases, but can be coaxed into remission if a program of treatment is initiated.”
—Deepak Chopra

R.I.P. Jewelle Sturm on Vimeo.

For more information contact: Leonard Buschel 818-762-0461

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