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LOS ANGELES, CA: Writers In Treatment is proud to present The REEL Recovery Film Festival~New York City Edition, a seven-day film festival and recovery forum, Sept. 28-Oct. 4, 2012 at the Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011
Admission: All seats: $5.00
Accepting Submissions for 2013
The REEL Recovery Film Festival ~ New York City Edition is a celebration of film, the arts, writing and creativity. We showcase filmmakers who make honest films about addiction, alcoholism, behavioral disorders, treatment and recovery. Slated for screening is an eclectic lineup of contemporary and classic films, documentaries and shorts from American and international, first-time filmmakers and industry veterans.
OPENING NIGHT RECEPTION: Friday, Sept 28th @ 5:15PM
IN PERSON: Robert Downey Sr., on the newly restored classic, “On The Bowery”
IN PERSON: Dir. Johnny Hickey, reformed criminal who bought, sold and abused OxyContin and every other narcotic imaginable, with his award winning “OxyMorons”
IN PERSON: Lily Scourtis Ayers with associate producer and star, Danielle Bernal“Last Fast Ride -The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess”
IN PERSON: Author Steve Geng, (“Thick As Thieves”) will present “Let’s Get Lost” Bruce Weber’s classic film about jazz great and life-long heroin addict, Chet Baker
IN PERSON: Dr. Gabor Maté, “Beyond Addiction-Who We Are When We Are Not Addicted-The Possible Human”
IN PERSON: Tio Hardiman, filmmaker and peacemaker (The Interrupters) from Chicago presenting, “Death Of An Addict: The Tio Hardiman Story”
IN PERSON: Tian Dayton, MA, Ph.D., presenting, “The Process”
IN PERSON: Luke Bradford, Executive producer from London with “NO ALCOHOL NO RISK” a documentary on the risks and dangers of drinking alcohol whilst pregnant
IN PERSON: Chris Phillips, Director for “The Things I Cannot Change”
IN PERSON: Douglass Wood, Director of “Hi Lillian” (A story about an elderly woman who befriends a downward spiraling alcoholic)
IN PERSON: Pernille Rose Gronkjaer, Director of “Love Addict” (An Artumentary about personal stories that explore the nature of love addiction)
IN PERSON: Lori Butterfield, “Lip Stick and Liquor” director, unfolds a tantalizing mystery…
IN PERSON: Joey Pantoliano, introduced by Tian Dayton— “No Kidding Me TOO.” In this documentary, JP steps behind the camera and explores the devastating effects of mental illness and the stigma that goes with it
IN PERSON: Pat Dixon’s Comedy Intervention “One Laugh at a Time”
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IN PERSON: Lindsey Clennell and friends— “Addiction, Recovery and Yoga”
CHASING THE MUSE: Wednesday, October 3 @ 8:00 PM—The stories about New York’s most creative professionals including, Maer Roshan, founder of &, Sacha Z. Scoblic, author of “Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety,” and more…
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IN PERSON: Director, Kevin Hanlon for “Bill W.”
IN PERSON: Star, Chris Herren and Director, Jonathan Hock for “Unguarded”
CLOSING NIGHT PARTY: Thursday, October4 @ 8PM next door to the theater— 38 W. 13th St, NY, NY 10011
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“Our audience is treatment professionals, psychologists, people in recovery and those on the cusp. We attract members of the entertainment industry, media representatives, educated moviegoers and the general public,” festival founder, Leonard Buschel
Writers in Treatment is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization grounded in the arts and recovery whose primary purpose is to save lives through promoting and providing “treatment” as the best first step for alcoholism and other addictions.
Contact: Leonard Buschel (818) 762-0461